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Software recognition

Software engineer at Amazon

Working in the ByPost WBS team (Warehouse Backend and Services). This team is in charge of delivering highly efficient software and algorithms to ship items to our customers.
Focusing on backend systems for the warehouse, our team has to deal with huge amount of data, high level of pressure and some really specific security issues. All those challenges help me to learn a new set of skills. I am also an internal trainer, and I am involved in the interview process for amazon.

Etalab stand @LeWeb

Winner of Open Data Campus

Challenge between developers. Organized by Etalab (mission under the authority of the Prime Minister) which is in charge of the OpenData French program. The goal is to visualize a huge amount of rough data in a clear way. We have presented our results during LeWeb'11.
See etalab.gouv.fr for more informations



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Startup Chile

I always want to discover new places and work with talented people, Startup Chile is an amazing startup communities, that helped me meet fantastic and diverse entrepreneurs. It was a great experience, where I learned a lot.

Objective-c, Cocoa Touch

Canal+ HeadQuarter

Intern at CANAL+

A six-month internship at CANAL+, a French premium pay television channel.
Within the “Research and Innovation” team. I have worked on the prototype of the new iPad application for CANAL+ which provides a new way to use TV.

Bottom of TELECOM ParisTech logo

Student at TELECOM ParisTech

TELECOM ParisTech one of the best french engineering school, has a strong focus on research. MS received in July 2011.

Topics covered included:
- Machine learning
- Image processing
- 3D Computer Graphics,

Software recognition

Software engineer at LTU

LTU technologies, is one of the French leader in image recognition. It provides software for search, retrieval, classification, analysis, recognition and mining of images and videos.
I have worked as a software engineer within the R&D team.
The core (C++) is used by our distributed server side platform (python-postgreSQL) to handle millions of images in few milli-seconds.
Learning to work on very complex machine learning problems, with the highest standards of coding, like TDD code review and continuous integration, among teams in Paris and New-York.

A taxi in New York

Trip in New York

“Over the great bridge, with sunlight through the girders making a constant flicker upon the moving cars, with the city rising up across the river in white heaps and sugar lumps all built with a wish out of non-olfactory money. The city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

“There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless.”
Simone De Beauvoir

Ending ceremony at ensta

Short Stories

Short story laureate, organized by ENSTA. The short story was published in an anthology, with the others laureates.


Big cities make me dream, I am Parisian at heart. One thing is sure, I prefer the shrill sound of the subway to the sound of waves. As an R&D engineer in computer science, I am always connected. Theater is my outlet.

Theatre representation by Les Filbustiers de l'Imaginaire

Avignon Festival

After taking 7 years of drama classes, I had the chance to participate to the Theatre Festival in Avignon. It's one of the most important theatre festival in France. For three weeks the venerable City of the Popes becomes a giant theatre and is besieged by street performances.

Etalab stand @LeWeb

Improv and Drama Teacher

Teacher at Paris University School of Medecine, 40 students for 2 years. My personal experience with Drama classes for six years, really helped me to improve my oral skills, self-confidence. Performed at the prestigious Avignon theater festival in front of 600+ people.
Learn more about my classes on my blog

Main hall at the KAIST in Korea

Study trip in Korea

Work in a team during four months on an innovative project sponsored by Telecom Foundation and its partners, especially Orange and BNP Paribas. Our team was selected to present the results of our study in Seoul.

China pavillon during the Shanghai Expo 2010

Expo Shanghai 2010

With a theme of “Better City, Better Life.” the Shanghai Expo is loosely organized around the idea of sustainable development. But after a three-month life, most of the pavilions will be demolished. That's what we called a paradox ?


Screenshot of our html5 application for Open Data Campus

Open Data

See our project here.

html5, javascript


Barcode reader

Barcode reader for smartphone. c++, binding on objective-c I'm currently working on a python version, source code available soon on github.

Screen shot of my raytracer aplication

Ray Tracer

Developed a software for Ray-Tracing and 3D rendering, using my own KD-Tree implementation, an anti aliasing treatment, ambient occlusion, and shadows.

C++, Qt, OpenGL
Still working on a webGL version.

Screenshot of the old version of digitaldraft

First try with PHP

Four years ago I developped my own website to learn html and PHP.

See it here

leaves in automn

Color Transfert

We use a simple statistical analysis to impose one image's color characteristics on another. We can achieve color correction by choosing an appropriate source image and apply its characteristic to another image.

The report is available here
The C++ source code is available here.


Animated triangles

The 2 first versions of the cottontracks website.
The first one with gears animation inspired by watch mechanism.
The second one with triangles animation inspired by geometric pattern.
And a small video